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Service module

The service module of the system allows management of internal and external warranty and non warranty services. The software solution is web based and enables remote access and the external repairers can work directly in the system.


Main functionalities

  • Creation of service order
  • Request for spare parts
    The system allows you to order spare parts, available or not available in the nomenclature of the client.
  • Withdrawing of spare parts
  • Charging for labor input and transport
  • Completion of the service order

Check for repairs carried out and protocols

The system lets you check if there are any repairs done and protocols created for this unit. This check is based on the warranty card number or the serial number of every item, so it is obligatory to enter data in both fields correctly and completely.

Completion of the service order

Before completion of the service order, all spare parts used and a labor input should be added in the system. After completion of the order no corrections are allowed. Corrections could be done only if the Central service returns your service card therefore. In the report to the Central Service can be included only completed service cards. Upon completion of the service card there are 3 possible statuses:
  • Completed - replaced
  • Completed - refused
  • Completed – handed

Generating reports

The reports include only service cards with status Completed, with the completion date of the repair within the specified period. The reports also include service cards returned for correction by the Central service and the corrected service cards.