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Project Management

Nomenclature of tasks

Project management is one of the new modules of the system. This module allows to define a standard nomenclature of tasks. For standard repetitive tasks can be defined analytical calculation the starting date in the number of days offset from abstract start date, type part of the contractor. For non-repetitive tasks should be defined a role of the performer and a duration of the task for each task. The system provides an opportunity to define business processes – tree structure of stages, sub-stages, composite tasks and individual tasks.

Definition of projects

When defining a new project, the user is free to choose any separate tasks from a standard sequential list or a whole such list, separate stages of a business process or an entire business process. For each task of the project can be specified also a counterparty who is associated with it.

Project meetings

Based on a defined project, a list of current tasks is created for each employee. On the basis of tasks of a project can be defined meetings on it - internal or external. When creating a meeting, the system checks the possibility of each participant to attend and provides an interface to solve the arising constraints. When a meeting is created, the participants see it in their calendars as unconfirmed /i.e. in the call status/. The meeting becomes active after confirmations from the participants.