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About us

AS Systems (Application Software Systems) is a private Bulgarian company founded in 1993. The company is specialized in the design and development of integrated information systems (ERP systems) for the management of dynamic companies.

We develop innovative, adaptive and optimized solutions that are easy to adapt. We believe that the key to our success is the close cooperation with the customer during implementation. As a result, the installed solution becomes a powerful tool for business growth of our customers in the future.

Focus on the customer is a key and essential part of our company culture. Since the establishment of AS Systems in 1993, the team has three main objectives, which remain today a strategic priority in dealing with customers:

  • Development of customized solutions for medium and large size (on the scale of the Bulgarian market) companies with the highest degree of integration to the needs and specifications of the customer.

  • Continuous process of product development: the company's specialists pay special attention to the search of opportunities for improvement in the systems and increase their efficiency in order to make it easier for customers and support the process of decision making.

  • Continuous work with the client to develop the system and meet new, emerging requirements. The quality of the post guarantee service is the main priority of the company.