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Atlas Finance

Main functionalities

  • All accounting transactions (cash, currency, invoices etc.) on the basis of primary accounting documents
  • Automated accounting of certain operations (for example long term assets, payroll, cost of finished goods, foreign currency revaluation)
  • Operations with currency
  • Maintenance of cross exchange rates
  • Revaluation of materials and foreign currencies
  • Keeping of goods and materials in quantity and currency
  • Maintenance of average prices, first in - first out (FIFO), last in - first out (LIFO), on expiration date (FEFO), on particular selected batch and other methods of goods/inventories withdrawn
  • Module Basic resources - accounting and tax depreciation schedule
  • History of changes on long term assets
  • Revaluation of basic assets
  • Copy, cancellations and correction of accounting transactions confirmed
  • Preparation of VAT ledgers
  • Monitor payments
  • Automatic closing of payments and debts
  • Provisioning of obligations under defined periods
  • Automatically perform operations for the completion
  • Automatic deletion of incomes and expenses for future periods
  • Operations with specific templates
  • Maintain a "hot" balances
  • Budgets on expenditure accounts
  • Maintain analytical ledger in accordance with the full analics of the chart of accounts
  • Generate various types of trial balances depending on the analytical accounts
  • Setting the user trial balances with different grouping and sorting
  • Preparation of standard accounts (Balance Sheet, P & L, cash flow, own funds etc.)
  • Preparation of detailed data for reporting on Western standards (Cash flow, Trial balance, Income and Expenses Statement etc.)
  • Combined statements general ledger and trial balance (with General Ledger Opening Balances)
  • References for account movements (history) and accounting journals (folders)
  • Import / export of data
  • Export to MS Excel, Open Office and other software programs
  • Hystory of all operations of all subsystems for an indefinite period of time
  • Simultaneous operation in unlimited periods and years
  • Lock accounting periods on two levels - only for operations that write to the VAT register, and complete lock
  • Dynamic management analysis