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What you want ERP to do for you

The fundamental promise of ERP is that it makes your employees more productive and your business more efficient. It does so through two fundamental mechanisms. First, it automates various business processes, making them more individually efficient. Second, it integrates these automated processes so they can work together. The integration is crucial: it lets different departments, systems and functions within a company communicate and share information better. Combined, all this information and integration brings a variety of specific benefits. Most commonly these have to with cutting costs, increasing revenues, saving time and other such improvements. Some are easier to quantify than others, but even those that are hard to quantify can be valuable.

The following list illustrates the broad range of potential benefits you might look for in implementing ERP:

  • Better control of inventory such as parts, materials, supplies and equipment
  • Reduced time spent on routine administrative tasks
  • Better control of spending
  • Shortened order-to-delivery time
  • More-efficient customer support
  • Better overall visibility and control
  • Increased accountability
  • Enhanced competitive advantage
The information is from an article published by Ziff Davis.