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Development activities

Our development work on each project is based on the fundamental principles of best practice in software development, namely:

  • Upon completion of a project each phase is started only after a testing unit for the quality of the written code.
  • We work on written and approved by the client assignment.
  • Any further change in the basic features or requirements for adaptation is performed only after confirmation from both parties.

During the development of our products we follow relevant procedures for a quality control. The main stages of our projects are standardized and cover the entire lifecycle of an integrated information solution - preliminary research, adaptation, implementation, training, parallel processing, support.


Initial analysis

  • Analysis of the current needs and problems
  • Analysis of the resources and preparatory actions
  • Preparation of preliminary budget

Detailed terms of reference

  • Detailed analysis of business processes
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Analysis of necessary adjustments

Adaptation of the system

  • Settings of the main business processes
  • Setting the user interface, flow of documents, analysis
  • Development of additional functionalities, if planned in the project
  • Preparation of user documentation


  • Training staff to work with the new software system
  • Data migration from previous systems
  • Starting the system
  • Parallel Processing
  • Maintenance 

Running the new system with real data

  • Analysis of the results of the pilot implementation
  • Corrective measures if necessary
  • Putting the system into operation 


  • Maintaining the operating performance of the system
  • Monitoring and analysis of system performance
  • Changes and improvements where necessary
  • Ongoing user training