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For the purposes of its development activities, our team worked out a second generation platform for creating business applications - WebGen.

WebGen is a modern platform, developed as an open system for a generation of business applications. With an innovative combination of technologies WebGen enables generation of flexible, evolving and easy to maintain business applications. The basic concept of this platform is to create a development environment that minimizes development time and enable rapid penetration into the process of young programmers.

Main objectives of the use of platform:

  • Standardization of approaches for building the architecture of the developed applications
  • Opportunities for developing applications with low maintenance even from new employees
  • Maintenance of good practice in the development of applications
  • Ensure consistency in application development, functionality and user interfaces
  • Saving time and human resources
  • Providing an opportunity for the development of a detailed adjustable applications

Advantages of WebGen:

  • Easy and intuitive to use - saves time and resources
  • Based on the popular and supported platform
  • Developed applications are available in WEB, as well as stand-alone applications
  • Easy development of additional functionalities in the platform
  • Powerful report generator with an export in popular document formats (XPS, PDF, XLSX)
  • Classical approach in writing applications – instead of RAD editor, we use scripts (C #, RUBY and XML)