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Sales and client requests

Main functionalities

1. Client requests
  • Preparation of client requests - generating dates to monitor the implementation process and priorities.
  • Link the requests with sales representatives, regional managers and others.
  • Monitor the execution of the requests.
  • Interlock (booking) of quantities for client requests. Connection between the client request and the quantity in the store.
2. Pricing and commercial terms
  • Price policy, price lists and standard prices. Currency prices based on exchange rates.
  • Positive and negative lists to authorize or prohibit the sale of specific products to particular customers.
  • Trade discounts, rebates and quantitative promotion.
  • Credit limits for customers.
3. Preparation of sales invoices and the accompanying documents
  • Numbering and grouping of sales invoices.
  • Calculation of excise duty and VAT. Types of documents for VAT. Tax credit.
  • Joining sales with sales representatives, regional managers and others.
  • Sale of specific items (not products) - services, long term assets, etc.
  • Connection to the warehouse.
  • Preparation of pucker sheets for the expedition.
4. Credit control
The system allows analysis of overdue invoices – past due in weeks and months. The system controls credit limits to customers and based on the criteria – timeout and volume of overdue invoices - can stop giving discounts or giving goods customers. Credit control is set individually.

Methods for defining trade policies

Atlas ERP offers marketing tools with great possibilities for trade or business provision of discounts and for the management of organizing different types of promotions. Atlas ERP provides over 50 criteria to define the terms of trade.
Direct selling discounts on various criteria:
  • Criteria related to the product
  • Criteria related to manufacturer
  • Criteria related to customer
  • Criteria related to financial conditions
Monthly rebates
The system allows giving rebates based on sales in a previous period:
  • Turnover for the month
  • Paid turnover for the last month
  • Partial turnover – turnover of a particular group of items
Turnover used to form the monthly rebate can also be differentiated by types of transactions, producers, trademarks / brands.
Defining positive and negative sales lists
Discount scales
Atlas ERP provides scales up to 40 levels that are used to determine trade discounts or quantities in a promotion.
Quantitative promotions
Atlas ERP provides the ability to define more than 40 types of promotions on quantity, i.e. the client receives one or more items free when purchases a product or group of products in promotion. Different criteria are used - quantity of a specific product, an aggregate quantity of several products, turnover accumulated over a period of time or over a particular purchase. The bonus, given with purchase, may be of the same kind of products, other products, promotional souvenir, shopping voucher or other.