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Payroll and Personnel Management

Module Payroll and Personnel Management of ATLAS ERP is developed in accordance with the labor legislation in Bulgaria and fulfil the requirements for reporting to the government agencies.

This module can be set up and deployed as a standalone product - see a detailed product description of Atlas Payroll.

Main functionalities

  • Files for personnel history including changes and additional records on request
  • Database of disabled persons
  • Availability to create, form and print orders and other personnel records and documents
  • Calculation of salaries
  • Determine the percentage of grade
  • Calculation and monitoring of paid leave per year
  • Automatic transfer of remaining absent from work to subsequent periods
  • Calculation of work experience
  • Annual recalculation of income tax
  • Corrections for prvious months (sick leave, holidays, sums etc.), which are calculated in accordance with the legal requirements in the respective month and reflect in the current month. Reports from the previous months show information unchanged.
  • Printing of different documents: employment, dismissal, addendums etc.
  • Automatically accounting
  • Statistical reporting
  • Establishment plan in accordance with the organizational structure
  • Automatic creation of work schedules on the basis of templates of the working time for shift work
  • Report and planning of all types of leaves
  • Automatic numbering of all documents and records for the personnel
  • Calculation of salary and the opportunity to work with time rates and piece rates (individual earnings)
  • Automatic calculation of regulated by law charges and deductions on salary fund
  • Reflection of charges and deductions in the expense reports of the company (automatic accounting in the accounting modules) using external parameterization of accounting records
  • Description of the structure of the company
  • All required by law references and electronic links: Declarations 1 and 6, Reference 73, Disk (files) for cashless payment at various banks and on-line banking, annual, monthly and quarterly statistical summary, annual adjustment of income tax and more.
  • Wide range of built-in reports
  • Built-in tables with legal regulations and requirements

Innovative functionalities

  • Full cost analysis on a user-defined indicators
  • Adjustments for previous periods and input data in advance for future periods
  • Cumulative working time within one month
  • Calculation of the contracted salary according to specified criteria
  • Generating reports based on a user templates
  • Individual wages based on analysis of the technological characteristics of the company
  • Defining different access rights to information based on type of information and kind of staff
  • Open software system with possibility for additional adjustments on client request