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Logistic module

With this module Atlas ERP automates and optimizes the arrangement of goods in storage depot at addresses. Automate routes to load and to pick goods.


Main functionalities

  • Nomenclature of addresses
  • Types of addresses
  • Types of logistic packaging
  • Base address links
    N-dimensional coordinate system, representing a linear linked list, defines uniquely a physical address in the warehouse. In practice, it sets structure of separate zones, describing all levels of the incorporation in the address area.
  • Link product – address.
    Represents the link between the product and the exact address in the store.
  • Transportation (logistic) addresses.
    List of physical addresses, each element of which uniquely specifies a physical address. For convenience, the system supports automatic generation of addresses.
  • Map of the logistic warehouse
    The system automatically calculates the percentage occupancy of each physical address and provides a visual GUI status of the warehouse.
  • Entry and exit points
    The system allows for each store to define multiple entry and exit points as well as the average distances from each point to a certain level of addressing.

Logistical tasks and related transactions

  • Supply of goods, loading optimization
    In any delivery the system offers loading of the product at the address of its recommended zone or when impossible at an address closest to it.
  • Withdrawn of goods and internal storage transfers
    In any logistical task the system withdraws a product from the closest address of the batch.
  • Loading the picking area
    On the basis of turnover in the picking area, there is a reserve defined as a time indicator. The system allows automatic generation of logistical tasks for loading picking area by transferring goods from the pallet store.

Working with mobile computers

Any logistical tasks can be loaded on a mobile PC and then via barcode scan addresses from which runs every element of the logistic task. The system allows to monitor whether the actual physical address of which is executed any element of this task is proposed by the system or it is selected by the user (there is a signal if the product should be taken from an address 71827, but it was taken from an address 90112).