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Business analysis

BI module is multidimensional subsystem for analytical processing of structured information. It is built into Atlas ERP and is convenient and easy to use tool for enabling data analysis according to the particular information needs. The user chooses what information to be displayed and how to be filtered.


New interface

WEB BI interface has been developed with special attention on easy and convenient use by the user. It is intuitive and easy to learn and use.

Defining filters

Web BI allows defining various filters and logic for selecting information. To define filters can be used fields from the database, as well as calculated mathematical and statistical indicators. Definition of logic allows extension of filter criteria such as entry criteria for value, for intervals of values etc. The use of and/or logical operation, as well as the functionality to create sublevels, expand the possible combinations of filters.

Dynamic analysis – sinking type analysis and pivot tables

The system provides functionality such as "drill-down" - the so-called sinking analysis - high-speed search and detail of the information required by sinking. Drill-down functionality allows the user quickly to find the interested for him indicators and then to examine the data at the lowest level where it is needed (sinking). Thus provides the necessary information for detailed analysis of the business and taking good managerial decisions.
Another possibility of this module is the definition of pivot tables /Pivot/ - based on reports created, you can specify which columns are horizontal and which are vertical centreline of the table, as well as one or more values to be displayed as a section of horizontal and vertical cells. BI Web offers various statistical analyses - ABC analysis, XYZ analysis, percentage distribution, trend analysis etc.
Web BI provides a graphical interpretation of the analyzed data - line, pie, bar graphs and other.