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Purchasing and supply planning

The module provides a detailed analysis of the company's needs of raw materials and goods. Provides book of requests and cash flow for outstanding payments, based on due dates of orders and invoices of suppliers.


Orders to suppliers can be associated with cost-centers of the company. The most important elements are:

  • Requested and confirmed quantity
  • Unit price in foreign currency
  • Unit price in local currency
  • Date of application and date of confirmation
Invoices from supplies are created automatically from the applications for pending deliveries. One application may be closed with more than one invoice.

Main functionalities

  • Contracts, offers and tenders for supply
  • Monitoring of the performance of contracts, payment plans under suppliers
  • Maintain price lists for suppliers / items
  • Monitoring the last delivery price
  • Maintain basic and alternative suppliers
  • Choice of provider by price / discount
  • Maintain a history of suppliers

Orders to suppliers in commercial companies

For commercial companies the calculation of the goods, included in the application, is based on a detailed analysis of the company's sales, including the following factors:
  • Volume of sales in quantity and in value
  • Average daily sales by the actual days available. Days available are days, when an item is on stock in the warehouse.
  • Delivery time
  • Threshold delivery
  • Current Stock
All information can be analysed for both the company and for separate branches.

Optimization of the distribution of stock

The system also has a tool for distribution of goods across branches (stores), which works on the basis of an analysis similar to that in requests to suppliers. The system records the sales and the inventory of all branches.