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Planning and management of production

The manufacturing process includes:

Requests for Production
Plans for production based on consumption rate of materials
Plans for production based on the capacity of individual production lines or operations
Withdraw of materials for production
Delivery of finished products from manufacturing cost-centers (departments) to warehouse
Analysis for production planning

Types of models

Atlas ERP - Production enables the realization of two main business models for the description of the production processes.
Based on a cost-centers
In defining of the individual cost-centers shall set a sequence of nodes and elements in Production tree (Bill of materials).
Based on the production order
Suitable for individual projects. This model does not support a predetermined structure of the final product and a base cost is formed on the basis of the project. The actual direct and indirect expenditures of this project are accumulated to the order and form the actual cost of the final product.

Production planning

Creating production orders based on customer orders or preliminary plans for production. Define schedules of production on these production orders. Planning the workload of individual production lines is based on predefined line capacity.
Planning takes place in different time segments depending on the activity of the company. In defining the time segments in the system can be used different calendars with referred nonworking days and holidays. The system records the planned operating downtime and the scheduled days for working with reduced capacity.


Module for the formation of individual wage is set individually for companies that use a form of piece rates wage setting. System afford setting different algorithms based on manufacturing operations, duration and cost of labor.Planning materials The planning of materials is based on a summary of active client queries and requests for production. Using Production tree (Bill of materials) for each cost-center, the necessary quantities of components and materials are calculated, taking into account the stocks in the respective stores.