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Мobile commerce

The application for Мobile commerce reduces significantly the time needed for the realization of the product. It is developed with technologies enabling detailed setting to the specifics of the client. Atlas Mobile can be setup for both on line and off line work with the central database, depending on the project.


Main functionalities

  • Ability to create all kinds of expense documents for goods and services.
  • Ability to work with different mechanisms of trade conditions - discounts on products, discounts on customer, price lists for customer, complex commercial conditions including a combination of customer, product, payment, payment terms and other parameters that can be set up.
  • Ability to print different types of accounting documents - purchase orders, invoices, receipts.
  • Ability to create various reports:
    - For stocks - by items and by batches
    - For paid and unpaid invoices
    - Clients files etc.
  • Special, fully adjustable application to synchronize the mobile device with the relevant database used in ERP system.
  • The application works in practice with any hand-held device with a Touch Screen, OS Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5 and the synchronization with the office systems can be wireless (WiFi, GPRS, ActiveSync).
  • The nomenclatures, needed to create expense records, are fully adjustable according to the customer needs. In addition to the basic nomenclatures - clients, products and services, this business model can include also type of payment, payment terms and others.